The Portal is a secure Tier 3+ carrier neutral data centre. It builds on an unrivalled legacy of global network connectivity to drive growth & scale your business.




Rack, Cage, Suite

Occupy individual or dedicated racks (600x1200x47U), or secure PODS, either shared or dedicated. We can provide suites with power and cooling densities to suit. All racks have dual power feeds, HID locks, CCTV and environmental monitoring, with custom options for your business.


4kW to 15kW

The Portal offers a minimum dual 32A power feeds to each rack, plus low to high density cooling in cold aisle containment. Your business benefits from our industry low PUe, N+1, 2N Tier 3+ redundancy, UPS-backed supply and a range of solutions from leading vendors.


24/7 Availability

Our site is staffed 24/7 by highly trained security and NOC teams, with 2-pass chip and PIN access control at all entry points. The site is also equipped with advanced CCTV, fire detection and suppression systems with proactive real-time infrastructure management and monitoring.


Carrier Neutral

Select from diverse Tier 1 carriers onsite: Level 3, Global Crossing, Cable and Wireless, Vodafone, Virgin Media, British Telecom and Kingston Communications. The Portal benefits from dual Meet Me rooms, diverse cross connectivity to each rack and multiple protected fibre routes and ducts into the site.


Secure PODs/Cages

  • 8 – 22 racks
  • Power: dual fed 250A 3 phase
  • Cold Aisle Cooling: 80 – 250kW
  • CCTV, HID Security locks
  • Fire detection/suppression
  • Environmental Monitoring

Low/High Density Racks

  • 600x1200x47U
  • Power: dual fed 32A single phase
  • Cold Aisle Cooling: 4 – 15kW
  • CCTV, HID Security locks
  • Fire detection/suppression
  • Environmental Monitoring

Private Suites

  • 200 – 8000 sq ft
  • Power: dual fed 630A 3 phase
  • Cooling capacity 150-500kW
  • CCTV, HID Security locks
  • Fire suppression/detection
  • Environmental Monitoring



The Portal provides direct connectivity to global internet exchanges, major tier 3 data centres, data and information exchanges and the Equinix Cloud Exchange.

Tier 3+ Infrastructure

The Portal has an on-site primary power substation providing superb capacity and resilience.

Along with the advanced cooling systems, The Portal provides the resources to scale and grow your business. We offer the assurance that your digital assets will always be online, backed by our 99.982% uptime SLAs.



The Portal: utilises the latest cold aisle containment solutions to ensure we maintain a low PUe for our clients on both low and high density colocation.

Guaranteed Availability

The Portal is a Tier 3+ facility, guaranteeing 99.982% network availability. Your business benefits from our N+1 power redundancy, N+N UPS protection and multiple resilient back up generators.

Our facility has 6 MVA of power capacity, thanks to an on-site primary substation, which mitigates the risk of a single mains supply. This ensures your mission critical applications, infrastructure and systems stay online in the unlikely event of an outage.



Your business can occupy a part rack or an entire private suite and benefit from our flexible and cost effective pricing, which is based on a monthly cost per kW.

Highly Secure Data Centre

The Portal is a high security compound. It is protected by perimeter-wide high fencing, advanced CCTV, access control, and fire prevention systems. The facility is manned 24/7 by on-site security professionals.

Internally, all data halls are restricted zones, which are locked down to anyone except authorised personnel. Security is controlled and monitored continuously, giving you the assurance that your business-critical data and systems are protected.



The Portal is a true carrier neutral data centre and allows customers to connect directly with the extensive list of Tier 1 carriers available onsite.

Fibre Rich Data Centre

The Portal was the birthplace of the largest UK national fibre network, which still operates onsite. It offers an extensive selection of Tier 1 global network carriers, providing national and global connectivity.

This makes the Portal a truly carrier neutral colocation hub, located outside London and Manchester, providing enormous capacity and scale with low cost of operation. If you require assurance that you will be able to meet your ongoing connectivity and bandwidth requirements, The Portal can deliver on its promises.